Enjoy the benefits of beautiful woodland settings. Relish the effects of connecting with nature, mentally, physically and socially. Relax, have fun, explore, learn new skills, savour the chance to be creative and imaginative, play games, experience storytelling, cook over an open fire, meet new people, enjoy team work, use nature’s abundant resources for art and crafts, immerse yourself in natural surroundings, climb a tree. Feel revived after a wonderful digital detox. Enjoy nature’s therapy. Have FUN!
Experienced Forest School Leader and a specialist on the Heritage for Schools panel. Schools can book half or whole days, which are part-funded by the Heritage Council. If five visits are booked, one visit is free! Click here for more info.

Forest School
Specialist with the Heritage Council for the Heritage in Schools initiative. 
Also: Children's After-School programmes in woodland areas in the South East
School Tours
Holiday Camps

Forest Bathing
A unique experience for connecting with nature for health and wellbeing for groups, special occasions, team building activities and more. Gentle guided walks through beautiful settings, enjoying mindfulness activities for a deep engagement with nature and oneself. Learn new life enhancing skills, meet new people and have some fun too. 

Integrative Forest Therapy
The benefits of a long term programme of immersion in nature are immense for Mental Health. Guided 6 - 12 week programmes are available for achieving life changing results. 

Wild Experiences
Whole or half days incorporating Forest Bathing and mindfulness, nature based arts and crafts, simple bushcraft, fire lighting, games, challenges, seasonal activities from natural resources and more. Breathwork, yoga, sound bath, hike, swim and more can also be included. Retreats can be organised. 


‘How wonderful for children to be given the freedom of expression to explore and play in nature. They learn to be part of a team, and socially develop. My son loves it!’
Sinead Dowling - Mum of Fionn